Proceedings of Higher Educational Institutions. Sociology. Economics. Politics — this is a scientific journal, focusing on the theory and methodology of research on socio-economic, socio-political and socio-cultural processes.

The journal publishes materials that give a sociological interpretation of current theoretical and practical problems of Russian society and its regions, and also summarizes foreign experience in solving socio-economic, political and legal, ethno-cultural, historical, demographic and other aspects of society.

The journal’s credo is professionalism, scientific reasoning, a constructively critical attitude towards the activities of government institutions and civil society.

The magazine is designed for scholars and practitioners interested in creating conditions for a sustainable and balanced social development of society and the formation of an environment conducive to the development and realization of the creative potential of the individual, for those who conduct a scientific analysis of contemporary social realities, seeks to reflect complex social processes, to develop ways transform.

The journal is a part of the publications' list recommended by the HAC of The Russian Federation